Mike Wright Photography

20th January 2019


This month gets the last photos from 2018 and the first few from 2019. I have lost a bit of motivation for going out and taking photographs – I think to some extent it's worry about how my knee will hold up on a walk on The Moor. I struggled a bit on the walk along the River Teign – not just my knee, but the small of my back was really painful. Mind you, it was quite a fast pace, and I didn't stop every twenty yards to look for pictures! The walk to Maristowe was a bit of a test – I was ok on the flat. The big test will be going up and down a tor. I'll make myself go out next week. There is a possibility of snow, so that may be the motivation I need to get up onto The Moor.


This months pictures begin with another trip to Bowling Green Marsh in Exeter. I went with my friend, Ian, this time. It was either sit in the hide for a few hours or have a trip around IKEA with our wives. It was a bit of a gamble letting them go on their own, unrestrained by our sensible presence, but they didn't do too badly. There weren't any avocets around this time, but some of the ducks and waders did come quite close to the hide and it wasn't anywhere near as cold as it had been last time I went. Ian and I reached the point at which we were supposed to be picked up, but they were about fifteen minutes late – apparently a last minute inability to walk past a display of candles was the problem. At least it wasn't raining and we went on to a nice lunch at Dart Farm.


The next set of pictures are from a walk along the River Teign at Fingle Bridge, as mentioned above. It was a pretty miserable day, with a steady drizzle coming down. I don't suppose the damp and cold helped my back and knee, but either way, it was a real relief to get back to the Fingle Bridge Inn and get a cup of tea and a piece of cake in front of their lovely fire.


Just one picture from Christmas Day – David got a drone in the shape of the Millennium Falcon for one of his presents and the time spent by him trying to control it as it soared around the room was priceless. He did manage to miss the light fittings and was actually controlling it quite well by the time we had to go and get Christmas Lunch sorted.


After Christmas, we have a tradition of meeting up with Lesley's sister and her family about halfway between where we both live. This year it was Wells, staying in The Swan. It was a good choice, as it is right in the centre of the town. Wells was used for many of the locations for the film 'Hot Fuzz, which both David and Jenny really like, so there was a lot of location spotting. It was really quite misty when we arrived, so as dusk fell it gave a good light for shots of the moat around the Bishop's Palace. Next day, the mist had gone, so when I went out early, I didn't get the shots I was hoping for. However, tracking the light in the Cathedral made up for it and I was pleased with the shots I got – particularly the shots of the Jesse Window.


After we got home, my next walk was to Maristowe. The main walk around the river is still closed due to the pheasant shooting season, so I just walked down the lane to the dam. Most pictures at this time of year are winter details and this trip was no exception – although there was some good light on the estuary.


I have also been taking shots of unusual and interesting cloud formations which are then processed to bring out the texture and patterns in the clouds, so I have included a set of these. These were inspired by a photographer called Stephen ST Bradley (stephenstbradley.com) who photographs from Northern Ireland. His website is well worth a look.


Finally, a couple of pictures taken during the village photography club session this month – wqe looked at portraits, well out of our comfort zone – either taking the pictures or posing for the photographs. I have included my favourite pictures from the evening – one of Ian and the other of Helena. Having seen the pictures other people took of me, I'm very pleased they weren't on my camera!


Anyway, that's it for this month. Hope you enjoy the pictures and have a happy and prosperous New Year.