Mike Wright Photography

20th January 2020

Happy New Year to anyone reading this first update of 2020. The pictures begin with a throwback to Christmas. If you didn't get to Saltram House for their Enchanted Christmas displays, these pictures will give you some idea of what you missed. This was actually our second visit, as we took the children (well, adults, really) while they were staying with us, so the first picture is of David and Jenny – of whom we are extremely proud. The next set are all inside the house, where each room was set up telling a different fairytale. 


Going round the grounds, to avoid repeating shots I took last visit, I went for a more abstract approach, using zoom bursts and intentional camera movement to capture the lights on the trail. I'm quite pleased with the results.


The next set of pictures are from Wells, where we went to meet up with family between Christmas and New Year. As we were there on a Sunday, I managed to catch the outside of the cathedral while an evening service was going on inside, so the lights were shining outwards through the stained glass. I then went out on the Monday morning and got detail shots of the statues and decoration on the West Front. There is something about the statues, standing there for centuries, looking out over the city. It's funny how some of them have lost their features to the weather, whilst others look as though they were only completed recently.


I only had one trip out into the landscape this month – and I didn't go too far from the car on that one. I went to Denham Woods as there was a mist hanging round for most of the day and concentrated on getting shots of the trees and branches. It wasn't quite as misty as I'd hoped, but I was quite pleased with some of the shots. Jen bought me lens ball for Christmas, so I've included my first attempts at using this – I'm sure there will be more next month.


I haven't been out walking as much as my knee has been giving me a bit of gyp. While it is quite painful while I walk – particularly going downhill – it is more a confidence issue. If I go out to somewhere quite remote on the moor, am I going to get back to the car? I will make a bit more effort in the New Year and also see about starting the process for a knee replacement operation. I think it is reaching that stage.


Finally, there are shots from January's village Photography Club. We had a session on close-ups. Helena bought a couple of plastic slinky springs, and we had a couple of stations set up with a sheet of glass with a flash underneath them so that we could work on backlit images – and I had a suggestion from my Photography Course that smarties under the glass which had been sprayed with water would be quite effective – and I was pleased with the results.


One of the shots of the spring looked like an eye, so I played around with it in Affinity Photo and Designer and tried to give the impression of the eye and top part of the beak of a very exotic bird. I have included the original shot followed by the editied version. See what you think.


So, not so many photos this month (maybe a good thing?) nor so many trips out. Mind you, the weather has been pretty foul. Hopefully there will be a few more cold and frosty days through the rest of January and February which will make me want to get out there.


Have a good month.